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Help us defend marriage. Let’s end 2016 well.

It has been a successful year defending marriage. But it’s not over yet – we have invested heavily in 2016 and we need your help to finish the year well. 

As a direct result of your help we’ve achieved amazing results in the last 12 months: 

  1. We established a national coalition so far representing 6 million Australians, with hundreds of thousands of supporters and more to come
  2. We informed millions of Australians about the consequences of redefining marriage and the misleading ‘Safe Schools’ program
  3. We built campaign infrastructure in every state and territory and set up world-class technology systems to enhance our efforts

With your support, we stopped the redefinition of marriage in 2016 – but we need your help raising $150,000 by 31st December!

We have invested significantly into systems and programs that will defend your beliefs for years to come. However, the same-sex marriage lobby is well resourced, and without meeting this goal we will be hard-pressed to counter their efforts throughout 2017.

Join us and make a contribution to our 2016 end-of-year goal – your support goes a long way to enabling our national campaign to prepare for the fight in 2017.


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Giving monthly is the most cost-effective way to support and contribute to Marriage Alliance. It provides the financial resources we need to defend marriage quickly and effectively.

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